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Hello and welcome to our Training - Coaching - Project Management (TCP) website, the academy for retail & wholesale, hotel and tourism as well as sales and service.

The Skippers from TCP together with our team, would like to give you with this portal the first insight about how to develop a top performance business and also being successful with it.

We are a team of experienced trainers, coaches and managers, who have learned their business from the very beginning and know the ambition, perseverance, perfectionism and training all together being indispensable tools for victory.

This is why we use the high performance  race catamaran to show you that top performance, teamwork, the right equipment and training are the keys to be successful.

As "Best Skippers" we give you an individual opportunity of coaching, training or individual projects to develop your own successful strategy.

"We love what we do and we do what we love, because we love the success".

We look forward to your contact.

Best Skippers Team,

Training • Coaching & Project Management